Epic Fail & 1st Blog

blog 4

This image was NOT from today, Its from my Disney Princess Half Marathon a few weeks ago, since my running today was so uneventful!!

Its my 1st blog and you would think I would have huge running accomplishments to go with that, but that’s a no!!

I woke up around 8am, I was off work today and wanted to get my long run in before starting a long work stretch of 7 days tomorrow but that definitely did NOT happen. I had a bagel for breakfast, then a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I was thinking fuel, fuel, fuel all day. I had a smoothie around 2 before jumping on the treadmill (the wind here has been brutal for days) so around 3 I set out to run. Around 1.5 miles my ankle started throbbing, so I stopped at 2 miles for the day. Im thinking since I am not use to running on the treadmill much, my body is wanting me back on the road.

Tomorrow my goal is to get off work at 7pm and hit the track behind my work to get in some pavement miles, the weather is suppose to be great, lets just hope my ankle does the same!! Days like today are what makes running all the more interesting I guess 🙂


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