I want to go back a few weeks and revisit my most magical experience. I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 19th, too much fun to fit on this page, but I will try.

My morning stated at 2AM!!!!!

blog 1

I was on a bus, and off to Epcot by 3am. (PS, I went alone because my daughter Kalie wouldn’t have been able to function at that time of the morning!!


There was an unbelievable amount of people, however this race is so well organized that you really couldn’t tell that you were there with around 25,000 other princesses.

The music, crowds, the castle, fellow runners, amazing characters and non stop energy made this race absolutely amazing from the moment I stepped off the bus!!

I did stop just 3 times for super quick photo ops, and only because there was zero wait time. I am way too competitive to stand in line for longer than like 10 secs. Those sweet Disney world people will take your phone and snap you a pic in a heart beat (such awesome people:)

Then that was a wrap!! My time was 2:13 which I was ok with being I stopped a few times. I really am shooting for a sub 2 half, but that will come in due time, I just know it!!


Oh yea then you best believe this happened!! Along with many, many other delicious Disney world treats 🙂

I absolutely cannot wait to go back and run Disney again, but just note that its really hard to enjoy the parks before and after the race. The day of the race I ended the night with a grand total of 26 miles according to my Garmin. My feet felt like they would burst at any time!!

** As for today, I still have an achy ankle but Im hoping that I can still get in a few miles tonight on the track, fingers & toes crossed!! HAPPY RUNNING 🙂














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