Just so you know…

Just so you know, I’m certain that my treadmill hates me. I attempted to run on it Thursday and had to stop due to ankle pain, turns out I ran 3 road miles last night after work without any pain during my run. I think I will take it easy today, and start back tomorrow.

I hate rest days, like more than anything, I HAVE TO RUN DAILY!!! But sometimes its better to be smart and listen to our bodies sometimes.

Speaking of bodies…..


My vitamins make me a little too excited when I get a purple one andddd its the GREAT GAZOO 🙂 Yes I take Flintstone Vitamins, yes I am 35 🙂

Also I wanted to share another half marathon that I ran just 2 weeks ago. I did 2 half marathons in 6 days and shaved 10 minutes off my time with the 2nd one. I actually felt great after doing both and wasn’t sore at all. The 2nd was the Myrtle Beach Marathon, I also ran this one last year. I enjoy the course of this race a lot. My time was 2:02 with a pace of 9:15. Let me just say, IT WAS SUPER COLD. We all literally huddled together to stay warm before starting.

And they had PIZZA & DOUGHNUTS…..Literally the key to my heart. I had plans to hit up Cracker Barrel after the race but when I seen this I derailed that plan for sure!!


I was pretty pleased with the splints & the time, still shooting for that sub 2 half soon I hope!!


Happy Running 🙂














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