Running late…get it :)

So you may not know this about me, but I am the life of the party. I mean im usually asleep by 8:30, no later than 9pm haha. Tonight I didnt get home from work until 8:30, so after listening to Kalie tell me all about her super prom dress she got today, I jumped on the “dreadmill”.


Just kidding, me and that thing are starting to grow a small bond. I realized that I can watch 2 episodes of Last Man Standing and get over 4 miles, so I like the show and I like running so it works out!!

So I just ran a quick 3 miles tonight since I have worked 12hours today. Im just a wee bit tired!!

And something really sad happened at work today….


My heart got broken….my poor reeses heart was totally smashed!!! So sad, right!! I ate it anyways:)

Im gonna get my ducks in a row for this most hectic and stressful week that I have coming up, I hope everyone had a super weekend!! HAPPY RUNNING 🙂





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