Finally a long run

So I was finally able to find the time for a long run today. Yay!! My body was screaming for some consecutive miles for sure. I got 10 miles in at a 9:46 pace. For so many years I never really worked on speed, I was content just running as long as I could. Most of my miles were close to 11 minute miles and I was fine with that then. Now I have really focused on speed a few days a week, and it has really bumped down my times when i do longer distance. That makes me really excited. Its never easy changing how we run and stepping out of our comfort zone, but I am so glad I did!!

IMG_4415I also didnt fuel well today. I had a hamburger for lunch so right before my run I inhaled a PB&J, that did the trick. I am that person that must eat before I run or my blood sugar will drop, very quickly!!! It is NO fun!!

Enough about me, let me introduce you to a few of my farm members…I have goats, sheep, ducks, dogs, and chickens. We stay pretty busy around here for sure!

Those chick are sleeping, not hanging themselves, I promise:) They currently reside in my house, and I am going to miss them so bad when its time for them to go outside!!

IMG_4402And I found this….its so me every hour of every day when I run alot!!! Haha

I hope everyone had a great day 🙂 HAPPY RUNNING!!


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