Im such a slacker

Since we last met, its been a while I know!!, alot has went on and I want to share it all. Its all seriously ramdom but here goes….

Most importantly I GOT NEW SHOES

IMG_4434Brooks Pure Flow 6, this is my 2nd pair in a month, these have just enough support and are super lightweight. I also love that the toe is rounded so that on long runs my toes skin doesnt act like a banana and peel off (it happened all the time before). I have ran 2 half marathons and multiple 10 milers in these and I have zero complaints!!!! Now I just need to buy 15 pair just like these in case they run out!! Ha.

IMG_4435I never cook (mama no need to comment on that when you read this), however these Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw are the best!! I cheated and got the breaded shrimp so it took maybe 10 minutes to prepare, check them out on my Pinterest page!! So yummy!! Now I really want a taco.

Now check out these 2 beautiful ladies that I am blessed to call my Grandmas. I sure hope Im as pretty as them when I get older, and they were sweet to let me even touch them because I had just ran!!


And what did my 17 year old want to do for her birthday???

We went to the zoo, I mostly just ate everything sugar there but It was so much fun. Anytime your teenager wants to do something you think they will never want to do again because they are too old, you jump on that!!

Yesterdays run was so nice. I got in a easy 10 miles. The weather was warm, but no wind and super sunny, just how I like it. I knew I probably wasn’t super hydrated so I did stop at home every 3 miles for water.

IMG_4484I didnt check my pace on my Garmin at all. I really just wanted to run on feel yesterday. Sometimes our bodies just need to really enjoy exercise and yesterday was my day. It was WONDERFUL!! And I couldnt help thinking about what was waiting for me in the crockpot when I got done……..

IMG_4485This Chicken, Potato, Green Bean concoction is the best!! And its so easy, just throw it in the crockpot, go run you about 10 miles, think about it often while running, then go home and eat the whole pot, well thats what I did anyways!!! Oh its also on my Pinterest, check it out, you wont be disappointed 🙂

Thats enough randomness for today, I took today off from running because Im working on the ambulace tonight, but I will be back at it tomorrow for hopefully 6-7 miles!!! Happy Running 🙂


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