My day has NOT went too well!! I guess we all have those days and I am claiming today as mine. I was on the ambulace most of the night so I got very little sleep ( I require at least 8 hours), Im that person who literally calculates their sleep. Anyways, I ran some errands today and the one good thing that happend…..

IMG_4496I finally restocked on these bad boys. They are my most favorite snack in the world, seriously, try them!!

So besides being tired I just didnt feel great and it was kinda hot but I struck out to run 6 miles. I always pre plan my mileage, and short of death or getting hit by a car I make those miles happen. Well today mid run I notice my sugar is off and that I really needed to eat, so I stopped at 3 and ate.

IMG_4499I started back for 3 more after consuming large amounts of carbohydrates at my mamas. It was terrible, I had severe side stitches which makes me really think I am dehydrated. I managed to make it through the pain, then this…….

IMG_4498Seriously, me and that sucker ran together for .10 of mile. Im not sure who was more scared, him or me. But I love you guys so I grabbed you a pic!! You are welcome!!

So I did finish the last 3 miles for a total of 6 for the day. It was not pretty at all but Im so serious about my mileage!! See next pic….Im not even kidding…..

IMG_4501IMG_4500Real quick for my running peeps. Its so important as runners that we take in as much fuel as we exert when running. Im the worst. I literally ate a piece of pizza all day and called it good to run 6 miles. I do know better but sometimes I just go against any better judgement that I have. Also as far as hydration, we are coming out of winter where I would run half marathons and not drink at all. Now Im needing to super glue a water bottle to my hand so I can make sure I am hydrated for those hot runs!! In running fuel and hydration really are EVERYTHING!! I am going to really start pouring in the water!!

Happy Running 🙂


4 thoughts on “SNAKE!!!!!!!

  1. Love your blog, Mindy. Save a spot for me at the Turkey Trot!!! I plan to be READY! Miss my walking, but will get back at it soon.


    1. You are definitely going to be ready by November!! You inspire me so much especially Sunday while I was doing my long run, I thought about you so much!! You let me know when your ready and I will be by your side. I love you 🙂


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