I need your assistance!!

I have been a little busy bee today. I cleaned and tried to get my ducks in a row because tomorrow its back to work, boo!!!!

Lets get to the most important thing real quick……

IMG_4502If anyone finds these Iddy Biddy Bunnies PLEASE let me know where they are. I have searched everywhere and they are my absolute favorite. As you can see, they were on my mind at 8:30 this morning!! Thanks for your help in this serious matter.

So I did get me a nice run in today.  No cramps, no sugar problems, and best of all NO snakes.


I was slightly fast today also, I didnt even keep tabs on the Garmin either. I felt good and hydrated because last night I drank a few gallons of water it seemed. It was super muggy and warm also but I love heat running, the more I sweat the more I feel I have accomplished something 🙂

IMG_4507Then it was legs up on the wall for about 10 minutes. I saw this about a year ago and have been doing it every since. It feels so good after a run, try it!

IMG_4509Then this little guy happened. Isnt that just the cutest little guy you ever did see?? I wanted to do a cartwheel in Sams yesterday when I found it. Watermelon is best after a run, take my word for it.

IMG_4508And I wanted to show my running sunglasses. I have only had them a couple months but I love them so much that I put them in their sleeve, back in the box, and in my running clothes drawer after EVERY use. I never take care of things, but those have my heart. They do not move at all when you run. Im use to others sliding all over my face, but not these. I highly recommend these. I got mine in Myrtle Beach at Black Dog Running. Get ya some!!

Dont forget to be on Iddy Biddy Bunny patrol, I need some in a bad way 🙂

Happy Running 🙂



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