I’m really proud of myself…

So my Thursday was filled with lots of morning laziness. It is really hard for me to sit for an extended period of time, but I made it happen before work.

I’m so proud of me, and you should be also because I FINALLY figure out how to work my Garmin to track my run on the treadmill. I was so happy about this discovery that instead of the planned 3 miles, I went ahead and did 4, well that and my run felt really great. You must understand that I have had this watch since October and still only know how to press the run button. Anyways it was progress and Im happy with that!

img_4513I usually hate the “dreadmill” but I was ok with it today because A. it was super windy and I don’t do wind at all, and B. I got to watch 2 episodes of Last Man Standing. I didn’t get bored at all and everything felt super good. I know the pic is really dark, but I like to cut off the lights while I run so I can see the tablet better 🙂

img_4566And this pic because I wanted you to see this hair!! If yall need me to teach you this gorgeous style let me know, I will be happy to do so.

img_4579I also wanted to share this ginormous potato with you. That sucker was huge and I consumed it all about 10 minutes after my run, along with the leftover watermelon from yesterday.

Ok something really important that you must try, seriously go get this stuff NOW…

My sweet mama made this for me one night and there have few days passed that I haven’t had one since. Its so easy too, I fixed this as I was running out the door for work. So you just throw the above frozen fruit in the blender, (me and Kalie like the mango, strawberry, pineapple mix, and I like to throw in some peaches too), then cover the fruit with the juice, and a few squeezes of honey. Let that mix real good in the blender ( I have the single serve thingy), then drink it just as fast as you can because its that good. I’m not even kidding about this one, me & Kalie have them almost daily. Thanks mama for the addiction!!!

img_4580Check out this ball thing I got in the mail yesterday. I got it from renewing my Runners World subscription, and I think it may be a foot massager??!! I will test it and let you know what the verdict is 🙂

Happy Running 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’m really proud of myself…

  1. soo… that treadmill thing you were talking about,is that a part time clothes hanger too? 0.01mi today,the thought counts right?


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