“Dreadmill” Day 2

So today was not much different from yesterday unfortunately. I had my lazy morning, followed by a quick run, followed by work. This life of mine is way too exciting for this blog I know, but were gonna make it work 🙂

I have a quick question, does anyone else have an audience while they try to eat??


I had 4 extra eyes just dying to help me eat my breakfast. PS, I do share with those little dudes, I mean with eyes like that who wouldn’t share!! BTW this is Ms Gracie my sweet baby (old) girl. And the one hiding under the covers is Ms Lacy, she was too cold to beg for food so she took a pass this go round.

IMG_4584My breakfast/Lunch/pre run fuel was this soup and grilled cheese. Remember I told you my sugar drops ALOT, so its a must that I eat every meal and in between meal possible throughout the day. I wouldn’t dare even attempt to run or do any sort of exercise without putting something in my body. Also yall would be proud, I have been drinking water like crazy. I will explain why in a minute.

So, I got in 5 miles today on the treadmill. The horrible wind is still happening here in NC, and I hate wind so treadmill it was. 2.5 episodes of Last Man Standing (can you tell I kinda like that show). Now let me explain the excessive water consumption. For some reason I can run 10 miles outside and sweat but not excessively, but on that treadmill I literally drip sweat so bad that my shoes were soaking wet on the top when I got done today (I cant believe I forgot to get yall a pic of it)!! I’m either going to invest in me a box fan or move that sucker right on outside, I’m concerned I’m going to die of a heat stroke for real. Enough whining, my run was great, legs felt wonderful, breathing was easy and my show was funny so win win 🙂

And I forgot to post this yesterday, it was my precious big boy’s 6th birthday!!


Is he not just the cutest thing ever!! He is the most humble dog I have ever owned, that is probably because he was born at my house, and has never left except to go to the vet. He has it made. I named him Jake after my granddaddy because we lost him a few days after Jake was born, yea so he’s pretty special to me!! Happy Birthday Jakey 🙂

Remember how I showed yall that I like to put my legs up after a run……


Well look what I found, I knew I was not crazy, and I knew I didn’t make this up. Its heart healthy apparently!! Who knew! I just thought it made me feel really good, and recover faster. I found it on Pinterest yesterday and was like ha I just talked about this.

Ok last of all, and it’s random, I apologize……


I think my eye is broken, seriously it has been twitching for the last 4 days, it’s just my left eye, in just the top eyelid. What in the world?? I cant tell you how annoying this is becoming. If I have any Dr friends that stumble across this, I could use your assistance in this matter!! Thank You.

I hope everyone has the best weekend, and I hope all my NON running friends find some motivation to go RUN!! Happy Running 🙂

PS, mama I’m leaving this recipe right here, because I know you read my blog, and you know I want these…No rush 🙂


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