My purpose

My Saturday didn’t start until around 1:30pm today because I am on night shift all weekend. PS nights are my absolute favorite, and I feel kinda like a vampire. I jumped up, had some coffee and immediately discovered that it was really nice outside, which meant OUTSIDE RUN 🙂 That made me really happy, so I swallowed a piece of pizza real quick, oh and……

img_4589Turns out I can eat almost an entire pizza all by myself in less than 24hrs. Oh my.  Anyways, then I was off for my run. I didn’t have a ton of time so I did a quick 4 miles. It felt so good to be back outside.

img_4602My pace was pretty good, and felt super easy. I typically have a long run on the weekend, but the weekends I work it almost never gets done, so I will probably get in 2 long runs next week.

On my run route there is the most handsome horse, so I bought him some treats, and when I run everyday he gets 2 treats. He expects them too, he will run to the fence when he see’s me, and he even hollered at me once when I forgot them.

img_4600Isn’t he just adorable??!! I wish he was mine.

Anyone else ever catch their sweet daddy doing work at their house??


Bless his heart, he is forever having to do something at my house for me. Thank the lord as he was leaving he also noticed my mail box door was broken, so he returned with a bolt to fix that too. Thanks daddy, the mail man and those stupid birds that swoop down at me when I run by appreciate what you done today 🙂

So a few people have asked what watch I use when I run.

img_4603This one. I love it so much. Its the Garmin Forerunner 230. Its pricey but very worth it for any runner. Time I get done with my run, it sync’s to my app on my phone, and I can see stats that I don’t even understand. Like, I had an elevation gain of 13ft…so I had an elevation gain of 13ft and a max elevation of 101ft?? Seriously that stuff makes no sense to me, however I can tell you where each and every hill on my route is, and how it will effect my breathing. Haha. Anyways, get this watch if your in the market for one, it doesn’t disappoint.


1- I get to run by peoples houses and smell what they are cooking at supper time.

2- I get to look in peoples house as I run by and see what they are up to. HAHA

3- The cutest little animals. I have seen opossums, snakes (not cute), sweet dogs (& mean dogs that chase me), rabbits, horses, cows, donkeys, and deer.

4- Fresh air, who doesn’t need that!!

5- The most awesome runners tan. Mine is best in the bend of my arms, my thighs, my sock line, my shoulders, and I have a permanent watch print on my left wrist.

6- Sweet people who stop and offer you water, and or a ride cause they think your crazy running down the road without someone chasing you.

7- Its kinda like a parade with all the people you get to wave at, brings back my queen days memories.

8- Last, when I am on the treadmill I usually watch Netflix so I don’t die of boredom, but when I run outside I have time to really think, pray and truly be thankful for legs to run, air in my lungs and a generally healthy body. I like to think about those who are going through bad times and pray for them, I cry a lot when I run (if you see me crying, I’m not dying, I probably have someone that is going through things on my mind). I like to think about Harrison, my I Run For buddy, I like to think about my Aunt who just started running when she was diagnosed with cancer. That is the point that my run is no longer about me, it turns into my run for them!! In everything you do, do it with purpose 🙂

These are my purposes!!!!

Hope everyone’s Saturday was SUPER!!! HAPPY RUNNING 🙂


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