6 miles & track meets

Hey. I hope everyone has had a super Tuesday. I havent posted in a few days because I took a couple of rest days. I was completely exhausted so for once I actually listened to my body and didnt run.

My body was really craving a long run today but I knew that I had things to do in the evening, so I had to do a morning run. I HATE morning runs. I seriously dont know how people jump out of bed and immediately exercise. Its like I have to persuade my body to even function. I prefer to run in the evenings so I can smell everyone’s supper cooking as I go by 🙂

So I did get in 6 miles today. I really wanted 10, I will spare all the details, but It was just an off day after like mile 5, and I knew I had to stop. There are always going to be good days, and bad days in everything we do, just be thankful for them all!!

IMG_4656My mama bought me this new drink and I did try it out, it tasted really good. I was SO excited to drink it that I even broke out my fuel belt that I havent used but 1 time in 3 years.

IMG_4657I hated this thing the 1st time I used it but it didnt really bother me today. I had somewhere to put my phone instead of stuffing it in my sports bra, and its getting hot so I really want water on me. Unless I run a 3 mile loop multiple times near my house, I wouldnt have water. Honestly today I wanted to be able to just run wherever and not worry about finding water. This summer if everyone would just put out water for us runners that would be great, thanks in advance 🙂

Then it was off to Kalies track meet.

Kalie throws the ball thingy and absolutely refuses to run. Im proud of her anyways but I secretly wish she was a runner too haha. I had already ran today but I wanted to go run with those kids so bad, some of them are super speedy, and those hurdle jumpers, well I would definitely end up in the ER!!

IMG_0019Happy Running 🙂


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