My tired is tired!!

As I am typing this on Wednesday night I am pretty sure my body is completely shutting down ha!!! It was my day off, that is supposed to mean relaxing and rest but that absolutely never happens around these parts. 

My day began around 8am, who gets up when they dont have to??! Me!! So I decided to wash my car, I do not like to drive a dirty car, and I wash my own, so It had to be done. 

I think I did pretty good, even though it took me like 4 hours.
Then I got really excited when I went to grab lunch at the store because…….

Eggs!!! And not the healthy ones with yolks and all, the super good ones full of carmel and chocolate 🙂 Also, I apologize for biting everything before I take a picture, I was just really happy about these!!! They have peanuts, peanuts are protein, protein is good for runners, end of story!!
Then this adorable little dude came to visit, hes my friend Brandys little man. He absolutely loved playing with the dogs, oh and their water bucket…see next pic…..
He splashed in the water until he had to come out of his clothes. Did I mention he loved the dogs??!!
I then had to scramble to find a steamer to steam Kalies prom dress. Tomorrow is prom and her dress still looked like it had been stuffed in a bag for a year. Talk about being a procrastinator. And I hadnt run!!! What does one do when they have a million things to do and are totally exhausted….GO RUN. 

Off I went. I only had time for 3 miles before dark, so I made it work. I thought about my run all day and really wanted to get more mileage today but friends, family and other obligations will always be number one. 


If anyone needs my services, Im pretty cheap. I will take $100 to steam you a dress, haha. This is coming from someone who doesnt even know how to iron. My mama still does all my ironing. I promise I will learn to do it myself one day!!
I hope everyone had a great Wednesday and made some time to run….trust me I know sometimes it is HARD!! 

Tomorrow is prom day over here!! Im certain my day will be full of tears, fussing, smiles, laughter, and a gorgeous 17 year old girl who will have an epic prom, and I will have an epic run when she leaves!!!

Happy Running 🙂


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