Running injury = no fun!!

I know everyone has wondered where I have been, yall missed my random tangents, I just know it. Seriously, so many people have asked me why I havent been blogging so heres the scoop. I have done very little running in the past 2 weeks. 

Apparently there is a muscle in your left lower abdomen called the rectus abdominis. Well we are pretty certain I injured mine. I had severe pain running even a quater mile. This pain was only when I ran. I let it go on for over a week before I decided it was time to see a Dr. 

Long story short, I was told to let it rest for a few weeks. Im the worst because that did NOT happen. The 1st week of “rest” I ran 7 miles with no pain. Then this week I have ran 11 miles. Heres the bad news, on my 10 mile run Friday night the pain hit me again at mile 7 and I had to stop. 

Im praying really hard that this is resolved real soon. Running is who I am, it is my outlet, it is what defines me as a person. I gain clarity, health, and spirituality through running. This isnt going to stop me, its simply a stumbling block in my path that I will get over. I seriously have cried because I wanted to run so bad, I have been moody and just dont feel 100%. 

With all that being said, I am going to a group run tomorrow night for my 1st ever trail run at Myrtle Beach. I plan to just take it easy, no PR from this girl. I just want to have fun, meet new people, and regain some of the endurance lost over the past few weeks 🙂

Sorry I havent blogged, but seriously if Im not running what the world am I going to talk about??? Thanks to all those who have asked me why, and told me that they missed reading. I was just kinda embarrassed about being injured and wanted to crawl in a corner and pout. 

Soooo, heres a few things you missed while I pouted ha!!

My babies got a new pool and they spend 90% of their time in there. I even heard them trying to quack yesterday. My babies are growing too fast!!
I had ice cream TWO times Friday. This cute popcicle pre run, and the orange pineapple one after to make me feel better after the run because I was sad about the pain returning. That was an extremely hot run too. It was 90 when I started running. I literally thought I was going to melt to the pavement. I did my best attempt at staying hydrated but I am keeping water in my hand at all times here lately. And my hair in that pic “runners hair, dont care”!!! 🙂
And this pic of me the past 2 weeks!!!! No fun at all!!
I hope everyone had the best weekend. I will let you know how my trail run goes tomorrow night. Heres to hoping and praying for a pain free, fun run!!! 

Happy Running 🙂


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