Go the extra mile

Hey!!! I hope everyones Tuesday was fantastic and full of happy runs 🙂 My day was filled with mowing grass and weedeating. Literally ALL day!! Ive got the farmers tan down to a science, its kind of embarrassing to even put on a bathing suit because only half of me is super tan. Haha. 

I thought, I even prayed that I wouldnt be as sore as I was certain I would when I got up this morning. Guess what?? I wasnt sore at all. I figured the hills on the trails last night would at least make me remember what I had done but nope. I was ready to run again. Guess I am a little more fit than I give myself credit for. 

I really do need to start working on my core fitness a little bit more but seriously I would rather just be running. 

So I got in 6 miles this evening. I only wanted 5 but I still felt so super good, and had a couple of daylight minutes left, so I went 1 more. But 1st, this happened around 4:30 because remeber I told you I HAVE to eat prior to my run or I will definitely be hypoglycemic……

I had this whole bad boy to myself. No!! I didnt eat it all but I ate alot 🙂 Pizza is my favorite, and its like the best fuel for any runner, just make sure you give it a few hours to settle before hitting the road!

I ran around 630 this evening and the weather was perfect. It was cool, and the sun was starting to set. 

I wanted to take this pic prior to running because dont yall think I look like Eric Church??? I think so too. Ha. It was a hat kinda day because I havent washed my hair in days and it will literally stand in any position I place it, yuckk!! With my hat and aviator sunglasses I couldnt see a thing, and with my music I couldnt hear a thing, it was great. Sorry if anyone seen me and tried to speak, me and Bon Jovi couldnt see you or hear you 🙂

Yes I am a creeper, I took a random photo of another runner who had no clue. It made my heart so happy to see other runners out this evening. There were more but they were facing me and I figured if I snapped their picture they may think I was weird so I refrained. 

Look at my cute family. I took a break at mile 5 to socialize cause lets be honest I love to talk. I run right by my grandmas house and most evenings you will find this same crowd just hanging out until dark or until the mosquitos start carrying people off. The best part is in the summer there is almost always watermelon on that porch. Run + watermelon + family = happy Mindy 🙂

So the above is my splits. Its so funny because I do a warm up mile and a cool down mile. Look at my mile 5 pace ( it was my cool down mile) then I was like nah, lets go one more. Ha. So much for a cool down, but I like to listen to my body and if it feels great, then go for it 🙂

My little words of inspiration today are, love your family and your surroundings. I am beyond blessed to live around all my family and some that I just consider family. Its so good to know that while I am running I always have water, or a bathroom, or a ride back home if things go south. Its the small things 🙂

Happy Running!!!! Seriously go run, I may creep behind you and take your picture haha!!!


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