A few new things and 7 miles

Good morning!! I had such great intentions of posting this blog last night, and completely forgot. There is so much I wanted to share because I have some great new running “stuff” and I have been increasing my mileage. Maybe thats why my brain is so clouded and I just forget everything!!

So I am super excited to share the fact that I finally invested in me a hydration vest 🙂

Ive talked alot lately about how I was thinking that I wasnt hydrated enough, well I hope this is the solution to my problem. I got this one by Nathan, at Fleet Feet Sports in Myrtle Beach. I put this thing on when I got it home and literally just wore it around the house all afternoon. Its super cute, comfy, and has a gazillion pockets for all my random things I carry when im running. 

No more stopping for water, no more stuffing my phone in my bra, and no more stuffing the horses treats in the side of my shorts. This thing has all my bases covered and I couldnt love it anymore 🙂

The other thing I got…

This Tailwind Nutrition comes highly recommended. I had heard alot of runners talk about how great it was, so I researched it and decided I should give it a shot. I just mixed it in my water bottle yesterday and poured it into my vest bottle. I ran 7 miles yesterday and I figured that 1 bottle would be enough (the vest has 2 bottles and a spot for a bladder in the back) but turns out I needed 2 bottles yesterday. It was hot and I sucked down that 1 bottle by mile 6. The tailwind has a very mild flavor and didnt make my stomach mad at all. 

I plan on starting FULL MARATHON training really soon so I am already starting to up my weekly mileage. Im hoping with the vest and Tailwind it will make training a little more comfortable. Lets be honest, marathon training in the summer is going to suck kinda bad!! 

See how cute this thing is!! Some girls wants heels, nope just give me a vest that keeps me hydrated and I think Im cool 🙂

My run yesterday was slow. Im not sure why, but I stayed around the 10 minute mile pace the entire time. I think I had 2 splits below 10. Im going to blame it on the heat and the sun, but at least I got some miles in. The sun always seems to beat me down a little, maybe running at 10am isnt the best idea but I had to work last night so it had to be done. 

Told you. I look like death after, ha. My sweet puppy just wanted to eat all the salt off of my skin. How sweet is it that she would even come near me after I had sweated for an hour, thats true love 🙂

Last, put your shoes on and run out the door, not to go “run literally” but……

Go get you some of this delicious popcorn. Not only is that bag HUGE but it contains the best kettle corn you will ever eat. I am in love with this stuff. Popcorn is healthy right??!!  I hope so or I am in trouble. Oh, I got this one at Sams but I am sure they have it at Walmart maybe. Get some, seriously!!

Thats all the randomness I have right now, I am going to try to sneak in a run before work this evening. I am on nights all weekend so I am going into vampire mode for a few days. 

Get out and get you a run in!!!! No matter how long or short, your lapping everyone on the couch 🙂

Happy Running!!!!


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