New places, super friends

I hope everyone has had a super week. I have been really busy but I wouldnt have it any other way. I have made time to squeeze in runs every day this week, yay me 🙂 

Lets start with Monday, my new favorite day because its trail run day. 

We didnt get in a ton of miles because most of these awesome people are tapering for their big race this weekend. I know they are going to have the best time and I must admit I am a little jealous that I am not going too, but lets be honest I am no where near being ready for a race of that magnitude, however I WILL be, soon!! Good luck you guys!!!

Today I got to run with my sweetest friend Kate. It was super hot, like 90 degrees when we started. We ran 3 miles around White Lake. That place is gorgeous. 

Im getting pretty good at taking pics of people from behind without them even knowing haha. 

I stopped and snapped this pretty pic for you guys, your welcome. 

Afterwards I just went on in. I could feel my skin melting off. It felt great. 

Kate I know your reading my blog, I have so much fait in you as a runner, and even though you tell me I am crazy all the time, I secretly know you wanna be a crazy runner too. That will be our secret 🙂 Im so proud of you!!

Oh and I did get some boring miles alone in yesterday. I am really starting to enjoy those days of just having another body beside me. No one has to say a word, it just builds a bond that only a true runner would understand. So grab a buddy, and hit the road or trail (they are both equally fun) I promise you wont regret a single mile! 

Happy Running 🙂


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