Long time, no blog

I actually have a few minutes of down time this morning. Unbelievable right. So many of my readers have asked why I havent been posting, truthfully, Ive just been running. I am so in the zone that I literally am working, running, eating, sleeping and trying to keep the animals and Kalie alive. I have a ton of huge exciting races coming up so lets chat about my goals a minute. 

My race calendar is booked slam up. That makes me beyond stoked. I hate not having a goal, and through next May I hope to accomplish such great things. Here we go, in October I have a Trail Ragnar Relay (on my Birthday, so stoked), then also in October I will run the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, 13.1. In December I will do the Carolina Beach Trail Half Marathon. March will be my 1st full Marathon, then in May I will do my very 1st Ultra race, THIRTY ONE trail miles :). Told you I was booked up and in the zone. I pray I stay healthy and injury free through this whole process!!

Races to me make things real. Signing up and implementing a training plan keeps me focused. I run almost daily, be it 3 miles or 13 miles, I need that peace if only for 30 minutes. Those who love me most actually say, Mindy you need to go run. Haha. 

Here are just a few of the fun reasons I run…

Each of these people encourage me, run with me and inspire me. The bonds and friendships made while running I will cherish forever. You dont get those experiences by sitting on the couch like the below picture  🙂

Shes old, look at her little white face. I will just let her rest. Ha. 

Today if the weather will cooperate, I plan on getting in some trail miles at the lake with my sweet Brandy. Shes just started back running and she doesnt know it yet but Im secretly constructing a plan to get her to run a half with me! 

I love her so good💜

And just so it is noted in my blog, so I dont have amnesia and think of running this race again next year….

I ran the Sunset Beach Half Marathon a few weeks ago

IT WAS HOT. So hot that my toes felt like they melted to my shoes and scrubbed every bit of skin I had off. This started at the very beginning of the race on the bridge. Then my water bottle top wouldnt open so I was forced to stop at all the water stations to hydrate. Andddd there is a huge bridge, I HATE bridges. Oh and again, it was HOT!! The medal and after party were awesome. Who am I kidding, I will do it next year!! What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, right??!!

Enough randomness for one day. Go RUN 🙂

Happy Running!!!!!!!


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