Sweet Summertime

So can we just have a moment of silence for all us runners out there battling the brutal heat for the sake of fitness…………………..

Ok, much better!! Ha 🙂 So I had a super running week last week and I really wanted to share it with you guys but finding a moment to actually write a blog has been quite the difficult task lately. Lets catch up.

Last week I was really in the running zone and to be honest, I still am. I have my sights so set on running my 1st Marathon, and my 1st Ultra that I cannot wait to start training. The heat is a little daunting though, but hey I’m still excited.

Last week consisted of

Tuesday: 4 miles with my Zo

Wednesday: 3 miles with the Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach crew

Thursday: 2 miles with Brandy, Kim, Nikki Grace, and the sweet puppy

Friday: 3 miles with the sweet puppy


Sunday: 4 miles with the sweet puppy

Monday: Got called into work early, no run 😦

Today: 4 miles ALONE 😦

There you have it, can you tell that I love not running alone anymore. They may not be long runs but they were the kind of runs that were good for my soul, so in my book that is ok. I am getting so spoiled sharing the road, conversations and miles with someone else. Even if we don’t talk, its just nice having another body there, even if its in the form of a dog (and when he sees a cat our speed increases, alot) so its kinda like speed training.



I really want to talk about our feet. This is serious so yall listen well please. As runners we put a ton of mileage onto our little feet every week. We should really take care of them, and focus on not only what shoe we are stuffing them into (even though that is super important), but also really focus on the sock. I’m going to be real here a minute, my house eats my socks. I have invested the money into good socks like Thorlo, and Feetures. Guess what, disappeared. These things aren’t cheap either, were talking $12-$15 a pair, but they are worth every penny.

So I lost all my good running socks somehow and have been running in just a standard active sock for over a month, the end result……………………………………………………………………..


Notice the 3 blisters I have going on, ugh, I really do know better. Sorry you have to look at that but I’m trying to just help out, from one runner to another. Moral of this story, get good socks, and the 2 I mentioned above are my favorite. Now to get me some more 🙂

Speaking of feet, and totally off topic for a running blog, but who cares…..



Check out these super cute babies. I never buy shoes, basically I cant because I buy so many running shoes. I splurged and crossed over into the Converse world, and I am kinda really excited to dress like I am 17 again! Ha!!

Also it is my favorite time of the month…..

IMG_5063Runners World for the win in the mailbox today. I always get really happy when this comes, and I usually read the entire thing in like 2 hours. And yes I was sitting on top of my bar, in my kitchen, reading my new magazine, I’m cool like that.

Man I didn’t realize I had so much to say today, but there you have it, all my thoughts. I am on night shift all week so I really doubt I get a run in tomorrow but I am really looking forward to a long run soon. I’m talking something along the 14 mile range. Fingers crossed, that will happen this weekend!!

And this, because its super funny, and couldn’t be more true 🙂 DRINK UP!!!


Happy Running 🙂


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